HOT 16 - A Game of Dope Rhymes!

Created by 9thLevel

HOT 16 - A Game of Dope Rhymes!
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HOT 16 - A game of dope rhymes
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Dope Hot 16 Pin Set
This set of 1 inch buttons is super dope!

Learn About Our Project:

HOT 16 A Game of Dope Rhymes is an old school rap crew party game for all ages! It's interactive, cooperative, and requires no musical talent whatsoever (though if you have some musical talent, it sure doesn't hurt).

HOT 16 is a game about writing dope rhymes and spitting sick bars. It's sorta like a RHYMING version of Telestrations. But with more attitude! Get together with your crew, get a rap name, write your lines, and perform!

9th Level Games saw Kickstarter's All in 1 March promotion as the perfect opportunity to bring this strange little game to you. We are headed to the SXSW Gaming Festival (which also happens to be in March), since we'll be at a MUSIC and GAMING conference we plan to do KICKSTARTER LIVE broadcasts and a ton of social media outreach - you totally need to follow us on TWITTER @9thLevel - and don't forget to post with #Hot16.


SXSW is known for Music - making it a no brainer combo. HOT 16 A Game of Dope Rhymes isn't like other games that 9th Level Games has produced - we don't expect this game to ever be available at Your Friendly Local Game Retailer - it's very much a niche product (and honestly too expensive to produce at large numbers). But, hey, that's what Kickstarter is for right...


HOT 16 is printed like an old-school RAP MIXTAPE with the rules printed on an 8-fold J-Card Insert. It comes in a super sweet jewel case, like those cassettes rattling around under the seats of your whip. Included in the case are the following totally hot components:

  • J-Card Full Color Printed Rules 
  • 8 MIXTAPE (cards) in Gold and Purple 
  • 1 Producer Business Card
  • 2 exclusive pins (only made for this KS and SXSW 2017)

(Thanks to Panicbutton Pinbacks for the righteous flair) 

    This campaign is only running for 7 days - so act quick - and for most of that time, 9th Level Games will be at SXSW, keeping it WEIRD in Austin, Texas (instead of our usual - rolling around in vats of imaginary rap money in Philly and Beantown).

This ALL-IN-1 / 1-HIT Wonder Campaign has only 1 PLEDGE LEVEL: for $16 American Dollars you get the limited edition, hand assembled game shipped anywhere in the US (+$4 to Canada). You will also receive any stretch goals if things get totally nuts.

To play HOT 16 A Game of Dope Rhymes you and your crew each provide a sample line that everyone needs to rhyme with for 1 bar (or line). Everyone writes 4 lines that rhyme - without seeing what anyone else is writing. Then you perform! How serious you are about the performance aspect is up to you, but we recommend going for it! Sometimes the rhymes are silly and the songs are weird - sometimes it all comes together, and sounds like you're ready for the studio!

You perform your cleverly crafted masterpiece in rounds, with each rapper leading for a verse, and the rest following. The rapper who ends the current verse starts the next verse, and so on, until the song is done! Then you get hype!



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The #HOT16 NanoGame.  We will print and add this nanogame into every copy of HOT 16.






HOT 16 is the latest crazy idea from 9th Level Games, those Rap Monarchs of the fast casual game genre. 9th Level Games is known for the RPG silliness of KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! and for the light, fun strategies of SCHRÖDINGER'S CATS, KNUCKLE SAMMICH, and their latest BEARICADES.


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